Download CoreFTPLite1.3.exe from this website to your Windows(TM) PC.

Install CoreFTP in the default location on your PC. After installation, double click on the Core FTP Lite icon on your desktop:

The Site Manager window will open. Click "New Site" in the lower left corner of the window.

Call the site name "Jarvis". The Host/IP/URL will be the IP address of your Jarvis server. This will be in the form of "" but do not use the address in this screen. Enter the login you use for the jarvis system. Typical logins are: "acct", "parts", "sales", etc. Enter the password you use to log into the Jarvis system.

Be sure to check the "Abs" box.

The remote start folder should be "/tmp". The local start foler should be "\tmp".

When you are sure of your setting, click on the "Connect" button. The program will save your settings.


If the "\tmp" diretory is not displayed in the left window, then click on the "new folder" button and create the "\tmp" directory.

The /tmp diretory on your Jarvis server should be displayed on the right side of the window. Use the scroll bar for the right window to scroll up or down until you find "gmfs.xml". Double click on "gmfs.xml" Select "transfer" and select "Always use this option" and select "do not ask again". Then select Ok. The file will transfered to your PC in the "\tmp" directory.


When the spread sheet loads, it will give you import options. Select "Import from a GM Certified Business Management System Provider (XML)". The file should import with no errors.